Greetings!  We are so happy you have stopped by.  I’m mama to 4 boys, 2 cats and 2 dogs.  Each day we find ourselves laughing at our boys and our silly pets.  Jack is our senior cat – very Garfield like at almost 12 years old.  Clover is our crazy 9 month old kitty, who has inspired me for the first time to want to remove the Christmas tree… before Christmas!  It will be down in the next day or so.   We also have Emma, adopted in August as a German Shepherd/Lab mix and Remy, our 4 month old Standard Goldendoodle.  We love our pets so much – 4 boys and 4 pets keep us busy.  Welcome to life lived big in our little blue house.

The Boys Nick is 14 and belongs to Emma.  Christian is 9 and belongs to Remy.  Matthew is 7 and belongs to Clover.  Gabey is 6 and he belongs… to me.  🙂

Santa Jack

Clover parks himself under the Christmas Tree and would rather try to eat the lights then play with Remy.  Remy is relentless in his pursuit of Clover, who won’t play with him, but is happy to taunt him.  Clover sits right outside of Remy’s crate when Remy takes his naps.

Emma, my beautiful girl, the only other female in our house of males.  She is my beloved companion.  She is happiest snuggled up with me or playing fetch with Nick.

Remy, my sweet boy… everyone loves him.  He is a big, clumsy puppy and, in my opinion, he is the perfect dog.  I’m completely smitten.