You are 4 months old today and I am convinced  you are the sweetest pup in the whole world.

Today I tried to take several dozen pictures of you but you flat out refuse to look at the camera or keep your head still.

We had a nice walk tonight and we visited our neighbor friends.

After that I took Emma on a car ride because she was feeling really left out. She is struggling with how much extra attention you get from me.  I do try to give her special attention but raising a puppy is quite demanding of our time.  I was happy to get a few pictures of Emma napping on my bed today.

Then I gave you a bath and a trim.  You are the easiest dog to bathe and groom.  As a side note, I don’t care for the shampoo I bought recently.  I admit, I sort of cheaped out on it.  I was at Pet Smart and I bought one of the less expensive shampoos.  I just honestly had a hard time spending more on shampoo for the dogs than I spend on my own shampoo.  I just couldn’t stand the idea of spending a bunch of money on something that just might not be much better than the other products.  I could really use some advice in this department.

All cleaned up and cute as a button.

We love you, Remy!