2011 is off to a great start already.

Daddy invited Emma into our bed for a short snuggle this morning.  Her boy, Nick, had a sleepover last night.  She sleeps in Nick’s room but she won’t if he has company.  She slept in the rocker in our room instead.  She isn’t often invited into our bed but it is one of her favorite places so getting invited up was a real treat for her.

Emma and Remy had a great day yesterday.  Emma was in a remarkably good mood considering we had 5 extra people in our house and the activity level with 8 kiddos was quite high.  I’m working on mealtimes with her.  Each day I feed Emma and Remy in much the same way I fed Emma when she came to live with us.  She was timid about eating so I would sit with her and she eventually learned everything was okay.  I know her mealtime anxiety stems from her fear Remy will take her food and she won’t be able to eat.  At first we fed them separately.  Now, I feed them together in separate bowls.  Each day I’m moving their bowls closer together and I’m right there correcting Remy if he shows any interest in her food.  I don’t let Remy stick his face in her bowl but I sometimes grab a handful of her food, while she is eating, and drop it in Remy’s bowl.  So far she hasn’t seemed to care at all.  I’m eager to read more about how to work with her so she isn’t food possessive but in the meantime this is helping.  She is relaxing and that makes me feel good.

Emma and Remy got along well most of the day as well and today they played nicely outside and inside.  I brought our their beds and put them next to each other so that they can experience being closer during rest time.  Remy hops on Emma’s bed often and she hasn’t shown any aggression towards him.

Matthew loves having a cat of his own.  A cat is the perfect pet for Matthew – not a lot of work and because Clover is a kitty he is happy to play.  They have a sweet relationship.

Clover is a funny cat.  He likes to hang out on the dog beds and this morning he was lying in Emma’s crate.  He seems to like the attention from the dogs.

Remy on his bed this morning.

Remy and Clover taking over Emma’s bed.

I’m excited for 2011 – for Remy to be fully potty trained and for Emma and Remy to be best buddies.  Remy visits his new vet on Monday.  He will receive his final booster and his Rabies shot.  I’m excited to be able to get him out around more dogs without worrying he might contract an illness.

Happy New Year!