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We have had several good days with potty training Remy and just as many accidents.  We have probably made many mistakes because I keep hearing how we should have been able to do this in 3 days.  I’m trying but its starting to wear on me.

We dont have a fancy house or such nice things that I get too upset about them being ruined.  I do, however, have a large wool rug that I want to keep nice for many years.  Remy has peed and pooped on my rug countless times.  It started when we first brought him home and he was going behind the tree.  I didn’t catch that right away.

I took him out often and he would go in the yard but he still had accidents inside.  We have good and bad days where this keeps happening.  I’m frustrated and went searching to see what I’m missing.

I think he is being given too much unsupervised time outside of his house (crate).  I was reading yesterday that if I’m not able to watch him closely, he should be in his house.  I also read that it might help to keep the water off the floor and only offered at mealtimes.

Today I got up early, feed the dogs and Remy pooped within minutes.  Then I took him out for a walk. The dogs were home with my husband and the boys while I was fine for several hours.  They did well and so far we have been accident free today.  We are about to have dinner and hopefully potty issues won’t be a problem the rest of the evening.

I’m also thinking too many of us have been trying to do a job that would have been better done by just one person.  So, I’m going to make a sincere effort to do the bathrooming, feeding andu walking this week in hopes that I can be more consistent and effective than we have been thus far.

I’m in search of some enzyme spray that should help get rid of pee smells.  I am grateful for any recommendations you might have.

Wish us luck!