Last night I gave Remy another bath.  I love bathing him because he is so easy and sweet.  It takes a long time to blow him dry though, but he sits nicely so I don’t mind.  I love how soft and fluffy he is when bath time is over.  I found myself disappointed by that cheap shampoo again.  I really need to find a better shampoo and I need to buy a doggie conditioner.  I don’t like the feel of his wet hair after being shampooed so last night I used my own conditioner and Remy feels just dreamy today.  I’m grateful for any recommendations for a good shampoo and conditioner. I think I didn’t do a very good job of rinsing him because he is itching a bit today.  I am using a large cup to rinse him and it is hard to do a good job.  I’m putting a hand held shower attachment on the list of things to invest in for the dogs.  If the itching doesn’t get better today I’ll re-bathe him.  It’s also possible the conditioner is the culprit so I’m back to that I need to find a better dog shampoo/conditioner issue.

Today Remy and I stopped into The Posh Pet dog and cat salon.  I had a lovely conversation with the owner, Kim, about goldendoodle grooming needs, local vets and social networking.  I may buy product from them but before I invest $20 into anything I want to examine all my options.

Kim told me I need to trim the hair that grows in Remy’s paws and in his groin. He also needs the hair in his ears plucked!!!  I had no idea and the whole process sounds awful but she assured me that the dogs usually don’t mind.  I can almost taste all the peanut butter and jelly we will be eating so I can pay someone to pluck my dog’s ears. These dogs are a money pit.  Since Christmas we spent $90 at the vet for Remy, and $25 for a new bed for Emma for insider her crate.  Yesterday I spent $240 on a trainer for Emma (that story and the additional $1200 is a whole other blog post, coming soon), on Monday Remy is getting snipped and micro-chipped for another $80.  Two weeks later he is back to the vet for a booster $40+ and Emma is getting fixed and micro-chipped for an additional $80.  They also have to eat and I have to order something for Emma for the trainer that should cost about $30… oh, and in a few weeks I need to find her an e-collar – hopefully I’ll find a good used one and avoid spending the $180 for a new one.

Good grief! I need a job.

Goldendoodles require a lot of grooming from what Kim at The Posh Pet told me.  Many owners choose to puppy cut (trim them short) because apparently that is just easier.  I love Remy’s fluff and I have no intention of ever shaving him if I can help it.  I brush him and he is wonderfully soft but Kim told me that often mats are hidden close to their skin and those mats require them to have to be shaved.  She told me if I want to keep his hair long that I have to invest in a comb and comb him often.  I’ll be picking up a comb asap… lets add, an outrageous, $30 for a comb for Remy to the money bleed I detailed above.  The poodle dog combs she showed me costs a small fortune.  Did I mention that my kids love PB&J… lets hope they think I’m the best mom ever when they eat it every day for lunch for a month.

Doodles also have furry paws that get matted and full of balls of ice and debris that can be uncomfortable.  Apparently I should be cutting that hair out.  I’ll be using our electric trimmer on the shortest setting and trying to clean up those paws this weekend.  I’ll update how that goes.

Doodles as well as many other breeds grow hair in their ears which can lead to a variety of issues.  My cousin, a goldendoodle mama who blogs here, told me that the ear hair can get wet and lead to infection and that I have to pay attention to that.  Remy was great and let me cut it pretty short but Kim told me that it really is best to pluck it altogether.  Oh my.  It really sounds awful and it isn’t something I’m willing to do at home.  I’m pretty frugal so if I can do something to save myself money I will.  Tweezing, waxing, ripping the hair out of my dog’s ears… not on the list.  I’ll pay for that.  I guess I should add another $25 for the ear plucking to the list above… God help us

Kim also explained that the groin area gets especially matted and it isn’t an easy area to comb so if I want to keep Remy’s fur long I should shave his groin.  I never thought I’d be shaving my dog’s private parts.  I’ll spare  you the before and after pictures because that’s just indecent.  It’s bad enough he sprawls out on his back for all to see the whole mess as it is… it’ll be extra awkward looking once he is shaved, I’m sure.

Here is a picture of Remy from Tuesday night, hanging out in Grandma’s kitchen.  He loves to rest by her feet.  Grandma loves having Remy over and even asked if she could buy him from us!  Nope, no way, not ever…