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I called Nino this afternoon to hear how Emma is doing.  The K9 Academy runs a doggie daycare and during rest times the dogs have crates they rest in.  Nino told me he wanted to rest Emma in a crate in the room with the daycare dogs so she could get comfortable with all the dogs playing around her.

I thought that would be a great idea but she must not have.  She is such a little monster and she acted like a beast whenever any dog came near her crate.  She will never make friends  that way!  It is a shame because outside of her anxiety she is a super sweet dog.

I think it is a little funny because  Emma is now hanging out in Nino’s office.  She is having to learn to deal with dogs coming in and out and that can only be a good thing.  I’m sure she is happy as a clam hanging out with Nino and not having to save to world from all of those horrible dogs.  But, seriously, what a stinker!

Emma was becoming really possessive about her crate at home too.  I would understand it more if anyone bothered her crate but no one did.  She was just being a brat.