Remy is teething and he loves to play and chew.  We have been fortunate to only have a few non-toy casualties (Steve’s flip flop, an extension cord and a plastic dog dish).  I watch him very closely – he is so much like having a baby again.  The only real difference is that we don’t have sleepless nights and I don’t have to haul him around in a car seat.

Remy loves to play with rope toys but his absolute favorite toy is this $5 football from Foster and Smith.  The Soft Flex Balls are extremely durable,  they are puncture resistant and they are easy for both Remy and Emma to carry in their mouths.  When I bought this football I also bough a blue swirly ball that is no longer on the website.  Our blue swirly ball has disappeared – I suspect the kids lobbed it over our fence and forgot about it.  Bummer!

I highly recommend getting a Soft Flex Ball or two for your dogs.  I plan to buy the Bumpy Ball with my next Foster & Smith order.