Yesterday I woke up much too early for my liking to stand in this line for 30 min.

It was freezing cold and windy.  I really appreciate having an affordable option for neutering our pets so I won’t complain, but… it was SO cold and the line took half an hour – longer for some people.  I promise to build a bigger facility (with a heated waiting area) for C-Snip if I ever win it big in the lottery.

The drop off went well and Remy wasn’t nervous.  We had him neutered and micro-chipped.  I worked on grooming Remy at home this weekend   but I didn’t have much success shaving his groin and trimming his nails.  I never even tried to trim his nails because he was hardly still enough for me to trim his paws properly.  It is nice that C-Snip took care of both of those things for me.  Nice is an understatement – I am thrilled I don’t have to do it!

While the house was empty, aside from the 2 parents, 4 boys and 2 cats, I planned to give everything a good scrub down.  I haven’t done near enough around here since Christmas and I was looking forward to but it didn’t happen.  Steve suggested we take the boys sledding and that was perfect because I wanted to visit Emma near where we would be sledding.

We stopped by the K9 Academy to see Emma – so great to see my girl again.  When we came in she walked out of the office with Nino and his employee, Pamela, I think.  I don’t think Emma realized it was us for a second but when she did she was SO happy.  We would have loved to stay and play with her a bit but we had to pick Remy up shortly after.  C-Snip is very firm on pick up time and we had to keep our visit short.  Pamela, I really need to ask her what her name is on Saturday, is very nice and has been working with Emma in obedience classes.  I could tell Emma liked her.   Emma has been doing well and is making positive steps but she needs much more time with them.  I was able to extend her stay through Saturday and that is going to be good for her.  We sure do miss her though.

I appreciate so much that they are letting Emma spend time hanging out with them and that she doesn’t spend her entire day in a kennel.  I am thankful Emma is with Nino and his staff and I’m really excited for her to be a healthier dog.  I only worry that she will feel abandoned or that she will come to think they are her people.

I pray this investment, which is such a huge sacrifice for our family, ends up healing her.

Remy did well and is home.  I’m nervous about him hurting his sore spots and anything going wrong.  To keep his activity low he is resting in his crate.  I have a frozen peanut butter filled KONG to make all this time in the crate less boring.  Today I’ll have him out but a bit but the volunteer at C-Snip told me that too much activity is really bad for him right now and he is a puppy, full of energy.  I’m so glad to have one of my pups back home but it is a shame my house didn’t get cleaned.  Hopefully today…