I have blogged here twice about my desire to find a good shampoo and conditioner for at home grooming.  I get a bit overwhelmed by all the options in the store and that is probably why I ended up buying a cheap shampoo last time.  I figured they were mostly the same.  I think I was wrong.

I was thrilled to receive a package of Pet Head products in the mail yesterday.  Remy is so stinky today, I think from his surgery.  I can hardly wait to give him a good bath but I have to wait 10 whole days post surgery… it feels like an eternity.  The shampoo smells so good and that isn’t just because he smells so bad.  I don’t know how I’ll manage 7 more days with a stinky dog.

Emma will need a bath when we bring her home on Saturday.  I am excited to use the Fears for Tears Shampoo and the So Spoiled Creme Rinse.  I’m saving the Life’s and Itch for Remy because he was pretty itchy after his last bath.

I am still in search of the best products for grooming my dogs at home.  Any recommendations?

Also, Remy is recovering nicely from being neutered and today we get to stop restricting his activity.  It is so nice to have him running around again.

*** Pet Head products were sent to me in exchange for my honest review.  This post and my enthusiasm are non-obligatory and genuine.  The reviews will post when I have dogs to bathe.