I’ve been away from here for over a week and I have lots to catch up on.  I picked Emma up from the K9 Academy on Saturday the 22nd.  I had a good training session with Pamela and she sent us home with several things to work on.  I was a little nervous about bringing Emma home knowing that it had gotten stressful between her and Remy.


I can’t say enough for the work that they, Nino and Pamela, did with Emma.  She is a different dog.  She was so happy to be home and to see Remy.  Right away she ran up to him and wanted to play.  I, for the first time in weeks, just let them out to play alone in the back yard.  I just wanted to see what she would do if I wasn’t there.  They played beautifully.  Pamela gave me some commands to work on with Emma as far as obedience is concerned (sit, heel, walking on a leash – basic stuff).  I didn’t do much with her that day because it was afternoon and she had already had training that day.


The next day, Sunday, I got really sick.  I spent all day, every day in bed until Thursday.  Thursday I was not well but I was out of bed.  We did not get to work on those commands because they required getting outside and going for a walk.  The entire week I was sick Emma and Remy played together as if they were best friends.  I don’t really have issues with Emma not sitting when I ask her to or not obeying in general so I really didn’t know how to feel about not working on those with her.  I was really sick and everything had gone really well that week.  One time she was sleeping on my bed with me and Remy got up and she snapped at him.  I think he startled her but that was it – she has been just lovely.  She and Remy play constantly – it’s sweet but it’s a little annoying too.  He is such a clod and when they get playing he knocks everything over.  Still, I’ll take clumsy Remy and friendly, playful Emma over what I had going on any day.


Last Friday, the 28th, I left for a conference.  I still wasn’t really feeling great but I was on the mend.  I was vertical and that was huge progress.  I was completely unable to work with Emma then because I wasn’t home.  Everything went well and the dogs did great.  I came home realizing I was still not quite recovered and spent Sunday lying low.


Monday Emma had her turn at C-Snip for her spay.  I was really a little nervous about how Emma would react to all the animals at C-Snip.  We showed up near the end so she wouldn’t be completely overwhelmed.  The first dog she saw she barked at but a quick correction pretty much worked.  She did very little barking and a lot more observing of all the animals going in and out.  This was HUGE progress for her.  A month ago she would have been freaking out by all those dogs and strangers milling around outside of our car.  She even sat and watched the pit bull in the car next to us almost casually.  She wasn’t snarling or growling or anything.  In the beginning after her correction she made some guttural sounds, maybe frustration, but they weren’t overly anxious or angry sounds.  This was a big test for her because she had become, prior to spending that week and a half with Nino, aggressive at the sight of another dog.


She was naturally a little anxious going into C-Snip when it was her turn.  Her tail was tucked between her legs but I noticed that almost all the dogs were like that – it was a strange environment with so many pets everywhere.  She was shaking when they took her away but there was no aggression.  Phew!  Pick up went so well, she walked out happily with her nurse and the report was that she did great.


Monday Remy also went in to his vet for his last set of boosters and worming. He is still a touch under weight but his vet wasn’t overly concerned.  He has been gaining and we are just upping his food slightly.  He weighed in at 35 lbs and he turned 5 months old on Saturday.  He has grown so much and we expected he would be closer to 40 lbs.  We suspect he didn’t get fed as well by the boys while I was sick and that might have something to do with his low weight.


I’ve got quite a bit more to post about Emma’s rehab, Remy’s potty training challenges and the Pet Head shampoo I finally had an opportunity to use.  I’ll also be posting more I’ve been learning about grooming a goldendoodle and hopefully I’ll get Remy to sit still enough so I can snatch a picture of my little (big) snowball.  Remy loves to play in the snow and he comes inside covered in it.  It’s just the cutest.


Thanks for stopping by.  I’m feeling better – finally – so hopefully I’ll be all caught up by next week.