As I said before, everything is going great with Emma.  I had committed to sending her to this boarding program for 6 weeks but I’m really wrestling with what is the best thing to do with her.  In a way I’m thinking maybe it was a blessing that I was so sick and unable do much of anything because I have had a chance to see just how well she is doing.

Obedience wasn’t a big problem with her to begin with.  She’s always done really well listening to us other than when she would go bat-shit crazy if anyone came to the door at night or if she saw another dog.  Otherwise she was just sweet as could be.  Well, and that she was so ticked off about Remy – that was a problem.  That was really the big problem.

So, everything is going well and she isn’t freaking when people come to the door.  If she starts to bark it’s pretty easy to correct her and have her relax.  She is a thousand times more relaxed than she was a month ago.  So, my thoughts on this are that 6 weeks of boarding training is overkill at this point.  I wanted her to be a healthy dog – I still want that.  I wanted her to not be aggressive and I still want that. I  wanted her to not be anxious and she’s come so far in that area.  I really think we could live quite happily with her just as she is.  And I believe she is happy and she’s learning how to be a dog and that’s wonderful.

I’m going to continue to puzzle over this but I am really thinking I just want to send her back for 2 solid weeks for socialization.  I am looking forward to getting her our and walking with her and working with the training techniques Pamela gave me.  Because she has shown anxiety issues I think training her to walk and heel and obey on a leash is a really good idea.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to do that since I’ve picked her up because I was sick, then I went to that conference and the next day she has her spay surgery – oh, and then we had a blizzard.  We’re still digging out from the blizzard – but soon.  I’m looking forward to doing that soon.

I know she needs to be properly socialized and I’m confident K9 Academy is the place to do that.  They have all the tools to do that for her.  I just don’t know how much other training I think she needs.  I know they would train her to do many things absolutely perfectly but perfection really isn’t what I went to them for.  I went for her anxiety and obedience issues aren’t really a problem for us.  I’m going to continue to give this thought and I’ll probably ask Nino to sit and discuss this more soon.  My gut is telling me 2 weeks will get her where we want her.  Two weeks are a lot more manageable as well.  This isn’t about the money for me but I can see the end of the money bleed when I look at 2 weeks versus 4-6 more weeks.