Emma was spayed on Monday and she has done well, not seeming to even notice she had surgery.  We kept her and Remy apart for 2 days because Remy is big and clumsy & we didn’t want him to accidentally hurt her.

Just a while ago she was resting next to me while I was reading and her incision was visible.  I took a peek at it and I saw blood on it!  She has licked at it a little today but not excessively that I’ve noticed.  She is 5 days post-op and she should be nearly healed by now.

This can not be good.

So far it doesn’t look infected but she and I are currently in a stand off.  She wants to lick our chew it & every time she tries I scold her.  She’s trying to be sneaky.  Of course it is Saturday night & she needs a big plastic collar that we don’t have.  I wanted to get one just in case but Steve didn’t want to.  Right now I’m really wishing I had one.

I don’t even have bitter apple on hand to deter her from chewing our licking at it.  I really hope this doesn’t turn into a problem.