A while back I received 2 bottles of shampoo from Pet Head to review.  I have blogged about grooming our goldendoodle and how much I didn’t like the shampoo I purchased when we got Remy.  I had been wanting to find a better shampoo but  I was hesitant to buy another shampoo I might dislike.  I was thrilled when Pet Head offered to send me a few products to sample.

Remy had scratched quite a bit after the last bath I gave him with the other shampoo so I planned to use the Life’s An Itch on him.  I gave him his first bath with it after he was neutered.  I loved the smell – it is Passion Fruit and sort of citrus-y.  I love to smell like fruit – something I just realized about myself.  I am always attracted to citrus scents in lotions and other bath products.  I followed the shampoo up with the So Spoiled Conditioning Creme Rinse.  I really wanted to try a conditioner for Remy because he has such long, curly/wavy hair.  I like him to be fluffy and soft.  He is the softest dog I’ve ever felt and I really want to preserve that.  Both Pet Head products worked great.  Remy has had 3 baths using the Life’s and Itch shampoo and we used the creme rinse once.  I have been really happy with both products.  Remy’s itching has disappeared which is a real relief to me.  I feel like he is cleaner with this product than the last – I think it rinsed out better.  He smells sweet and looks great when he’s done.

He doesn’t really like his baths at all.  In fact, as soon as we go into the bathroom he sprawls himself out on the floor in protest.  I have to pick him up and put him in the tub.  He throws all his legs out as far as he can hoping he’ll be able to stop me but I get him in every time.  Once he is in the tub everything is fine and he accepts defeat.  He never shakes and doesn’t try to make a run for it but he does his best to look pathetic.

I am not to be deterred.  It is a lot of work to groom Remy at home.  He needs a lot of trimming and attention but I’m convinced it is worth the time.  If I were to take him to our neighborhood groomers it would run me about $50 a month.  I can bathe, comb, dry and trim his paws and face in about 2 hours.  It’s a big job and we are both so glad when I’m done but I’ll get better in time and hopefully I’ll be able to do it quicker.  My trims are looking a little better each time and saving the $50 a month is worth the effort.  I’m always interested in grooming advice.

Here are a few pictures of Remy after his bath today.  We visited Pet Smart and went to play at his Grammy’s house with Lucy.  He loves Lucy.  She’s his girlfriend.

Remy’s beard always looks a little messy after he has been drinking.  I try to keep it trimmed but there isn’t much I can do about a wet snout.  Here he is sitting patiently, waiting for Grandma to give him a treat.

I wish you could really see his eyelashes – they are amazing.  They are almost 2 inches long!  He has the prettiest  lashes – too bad he’s a boy.

I’ll be posting a review of the Tears for Fears Pet Head shampoo that I used on Emma since she hasn’t had any issues with itching.  Stay tuned!

*** Disclaimer:

I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review.   All opinions are my own.   And because I’m all about full disclosure: I think Remy is the cutest dog in the whole world – it’s a good thing Emma can’t read.

Just in case I’m wrong – I think Emma is pretty awesome too.  I love her to pieces.