Nick helped me to clean Remy’s ears one more time.  There was still some gunk in one of the folds of his ears.  It is a pretty tight, deep fold and that spot is where most of the gunk has been clumped up in both of his ears.  I very carefully trimmed that area as well as I could but I suspect we’ll end up having that area plucked if I can’t keep it clean.  Like I said before, I’m motivated to clean and not pluck.

I trimmed his ears as well as I could after cleaning them.  This is how much hair I trimmed from in and around one ear!  Remy has really hairy ears.  I am so glad Emma doesn’t have hair in her ears too.  She would be a monster to groom.

I was really glad to not find any visible evidence of ear mites in any of  the clumps of black wax/gunk.  There was also no odor in his ears either.  I cleaned them well, trimmed them and then used the drying powder.  In the morning I’ll treat all of our pets with the ear mite drops – it just seems senseless to put wet drops in an ear I just put drying powder into.  I’ll them do drying powder again in the evening.  I’m also going to wash all the bedding, our bedding and the dog bedding.  I’m not sure but I’d guess ear mites could get on the bedding and if we have them I just want to get rid of them as well as I can.

I’ll count this another lesson learned in doodle care.