Last night I started doing some Google searches for “Michigan Dog Friendly Camping”.  In all reality, I can’t imagine a campground that doesn’t welcome pets but I wanted to see if any were specifically advertised as dog friendly.  I found quite a bit of information I’m going to try to explore here in future posts.

One site I want to share with you today is DogFriendly.com.  I’ve really enjoyed browsing all the dog friendly places in our area that are listed with DogFriendly.com.  I had no idea dogs were welcome at Camping World, Panera (outside dining) and Chipotle (outside dining).

A Chipotle chicken burrito sounds really good right now.  It almost sounds like something worth driving out to get.

I digress.

We also have dozens of local hotel/motels that are pet friendly.  I had no idea so many places accept pets.  Check out  your state and see what DogFriendly.com has to offer.

I am looking forward to checking one or two of the local campgrounds and seeing what they have to offer and I’ll definitely be trying out patio eating at Chipotle or Panera with one of the dogs.  I’ll keep you posted.

My Google searches also turned up Camp Dogwood in the Chicago area.  Camp Dogwood advertises itself as “The Planet’s Best Dog Camp!”  That might be worth checking out.

PetsWelcome.com also has great information for pet friendly establishments for each state.