Remy is the most vocal dog I’ve ever encountered.  He uses his voice frequently to let us know how he feels about things.  He has thrown a few good tantrums that I’m disappointed to have missed catching on film.  We never give into his tantrums so they have mostly stopped but I sort of wish he’d give me just one more so I could capture the whole spectacle on video.

He barks and throws himself all over the place and grumble-growls and barks more and generally acts like a bratty toddler.  It’s quite entertaining.

The other day he kept trying to sneak into the kitchen under the gate.  He couldn’t fit his giant self  through there but I don’t like to let him even try.  It isn’t quite the display he has put on in the past but this is Remy’s way of showing he disapproves of our boundaries.

Even when he is naughty, he’s still just the cutest!  I love him like crazy.