The boys, Nick and Christian, get the glorious job of cleaning up the poop.  They’ve had a break lately with snow freezing and burying it all.  The snow is melting and last night when I stepped out back to play fetch with Emma I was astonished at how much melty dog poop covered our yard.  I think she was too because when her Kooky Chicken landed in a pile she was less than thrilled.  Kooky spent the night in the yard.

So. Gross.

Today the boys were sent out to tackle the beast before the dogs started stepping in it and tracking mushy poop into the house.

Christian went out first and I heard Nick tell him, “I’m not working with you like that!  Mom, did you see what Christian is wearing?”  I went out and had to snap a picture.  He says, “That poop is stinky!”

I’m happy to report the yard is clean and Kooky Chicken is decent again.