Dog poop is a pretty unappealing topic but it’s very much a reality of life with 2 dogs and it’s really important when the 2 dogs share a yard with my clothesline and 4 active boys.

We have cleaned up the yard after the snow melted and Steve quickly realized we would have to create a septic system to manage the dog waste.  We just don’t want to throw all of that into our trash can – especially in the summer.

Why?  Stinky.  Gross.  Maggots.

I recall seeing something similar in the Foster and Smith catalog.  A Google search has turned up many systems that are already made and just need to be installed.  That’s my kind of system but Steve started talking about digging a hole and building his own system.

The Doggie Dooley In-Ground Waste System by Foster and Smith looks nice and easy.  It comes in 3 styles and ranges from $38-$49.

Here is a good post on a DIY Waste System.

I like this post too.  This sounds easy and practical.   I like the cute Dog Lid Composter lid at the top of this page.  Cute matters!

So, it seems researching dog poo systems is in our immediate future.  If you have used a similar system, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I’ll update when we figure out what works best for us.