It’s kind of a big deal to be connected to someone famous.  We are.

You know how distant cousins and friends-of-friends-of-friends and neighbors from back in the day come crawling out of the woodwork to connect to newly famous people?  Yeah, well… we’re not like that.

We loved our famous cousin before he was famous.

In fact, even though I had been curious about the goldendoodle breed, we probably wouldn’t have a goldendoodle today if it weren’t for our famous cousin.

I’ve even blogged about our newly famous cousin here and here before he hit the big leagues.  Yup, that’s right… we are not those creepy cousins trying to ride the coat-tails of our now famous cousin.  We are just celebrating his fame because WE LOVE HIM!

Kelham, our cousin and our hero, won the FidoJournalism 2011 Unconditional Love Contest!  You can read more here.  We are super, super excited for our fluffy friend.  His mommy, my cousin KVP, calls him a menace but loves him unconditionally.  He is quite a stinker but he makes us laugh.  You should check out  his blog and all of his antics.  We are quite excited for Kelham to have his photo shoot – it’s going to be amazing.  When Kelham’s pictures are published he is going to be fending of the paparazzi on his daily walks.  Everyone is going to want a piece of him and we’ll be happy as clams knowing we were already in his inner circle.

Congrats, Kelham.  Tell your Mommy we want one of your pictures!