I watch Emma and Remy play together every day and it makes me so happy.  I knew a puppy would be good for Emma and after a few bumps in the road I know I was right.  Without our having gotten Remy I would never have known how to help Emma or that she even needed help.  It just thrills me to see them play the way they do.  Often Remy will be sleeping and Emma will nudge him with her nose in an effort to motivate him to play.  She loves him so much. But, even more than watching them run and play, my heart fills watching them snuggle.  Emma likes to curl up next to her fluffy buddy and rest her head on him.  She sleeps happy by his side and all of the expenses and frustrations are worth it.

Try to overlook the mess – I’m in the middle of a big project.  I’m anxious to finish and have use of our living room again.