Emma and Remy love to play outside in the snow.  They chase each other in circles around the yard and they roll in the snow and chew on each other.  I love to watch them play but when they come in Remy is usually covered in clumps of snow and Emma is barely damp.

Her fur has enough oil in it to repel the water but Remy’s coat doesn’t have any oil in it.  The snow quickly melts on his fur and he becomes a wet mop.  He plays outside several times a day and several times a day this is what we deal with.

And when he comes in he wants to greet EVERYONE!

I am so ready for winter to be over but I am dreading the onset of Spring.  Remy will be a wet, muddy mess and I cringe at the thought of it.

After a few days of this he needs to be groomed and the whole process takes me 2-3 hours!

I guess this is why so many goldendoodle owners trim their coat short.  I am completely unwilling to cut his long hair so I will work tirelessly until summer to keep him clean and dry and as cute as can be.