Or at least it feels like it.  Everything is busy in our lives and I haven’t had time to catch up here.  I have so many posts I need to get up and I’m really hopeful for lots of time to write this weekend.  We homeschool and we started using new curriculum and school eats up a lot of our day.  We have had sick kids.  We have been working on house stuff – out with the old, in with the new and getting all of our ducks in a row for a bathroom remodel in just over 2 weeks.  I’ve also been busy helping a friend pack up her house and Spring has arrived and we’re just extra busy.

We got new leather furniture recently and Clover had to be declawed.  I had really mixed feelings about doing that but he was tearing up our sofa and I couldn’t chance it with the new furniture.  A blog post is coming.

Remy’s hair is changing and I’ve been at my wits end trying to manage him.  He’s currently sporting some pretty significant bald spots as I’ve tried to battle horrible knots that spring up daily.  I so resist shaving him but I can’t keep up.  A blog post is coming.

Remy is a clod.  He is still clumsy and he is big and he jumps on people and I’m really having a hard time training him to relax.  We’re making some progress but it is slow.   A blog post is coming.

He is getting so big and so strong.  And it is finally nice enough to go for walks.  He is terrible on a leash.  We’ll be busy leash training this spring.  A blog post is coming.

We found a great new toy that so far Emma and Remy have failed to harm.  A blog post is coming.

We purchased a ridiculous amount of smoked bones.  They made Remy quite sick to his stomach.  A blog post is coming.

We want Emma and Remy to be Air Dogs.  A blog post is coming.

Remy is extremely food motivated.  As in, food might be the only thing he ever thinks about.  A blog post is coming.

I’ll be back, blogging asap.

This last picture is so funny to me.  Remy was visiting my mom and my sister snapped this picture with her cell phone.  Remy looks so ferocious but he and Lucy, my mom’s dog, love to play with each other. They chew on each other and make a lot of noise but they are buddies.