Emma and Remy are very close and it is evident they have much affection for each other.  They seem to have a great understanding of each other. 

I know one of them must be the “alpha” but it is hard to see on a day-to-day basis.  I really don’t see one a leading the other.  They live peacefully together, showing much respect for each other.

Remy is food obsessed.  He is the most food motivated dog I’ve ever seen.  Emma is not a food motivated dog.  She likes treats but she gets much more excited to play.  She did get a little snippy about her marrow bone when we bought those but that was a very special treat and I think she knew Remy would have taken it she would have never seen it again.

We feed the dogs side by side.  We fill the bowls, they sit, we give them their bowls, they eat.  Same routine alk the time, no drama, and Remy is always eager for his bowl to be set down so he can inhale it as fast as he can. 

This morning the dogs were waiting and I asked Christian to feed them.  He assumed Nick had already fed Emma, not uncommon, and he just fed Remy and walked away.  Remy sat there looking at the one bowl of food -Emma never advanced, she was actually behind him.  He smelled it and backed away.  He repeated the smelling and backing up but he didn’t take a single bite.

I watched and realized Remy wasn’t sure if that food was his or not and in spite of his hunger, he waited for Emma to get a bowl of food too.  Not once did Emma go near that bowl or show any sign she wanted it.  He just loves her and wanted to make sure she had breakfast too.  As soon a food was set down for Emma too he was happy to dig in.

I love my dogs and their sweet relationship.