Emma & Remy have had a fun summer.  I’ve taken oodles of pictures and have much to share.  Summer vacation is almost over so you can expect much more frequent posting around here.

Today Emma and Remy spent the afternoon at the beach, enjoying beautiful Lake Michigan, fetching Gabriel’s crocs (they float and are a good substitute for a water toy when the water toys are accidently left at home) and getting riled up over bird shadows. 

On the way to the beach we passed the most interesting veterinary practice I have ever seen. This Animal Hospital gets props for creativity but loses big points for poor taste.

Really, a big shot?  Does this just say, We love pets to you? The big shot mailbox is a huge advertising fail in my book. 

Emma & Remy are enjoying camping this week and after the day at the lake we are heading back to our campground for dinner.  Remy wants to get out for a stroll to visit his new friend, a wheaton terrier named Milo.   Pictures coming soon.