So, the short story is that the groomer ruined my dog.

The long story is that Remy was a bit of a mess after our camping trip and there were too many mats in his long fur for me to cut them or comb them all out.  His belly and body needed to be shaved and my clippers were not working.  We made an appointment for Remy at The Posh Pet Salon and I prepared myself for the inevitable loss of his cute curls.

I had been into The Posh Pet Salon before and the owner had told me all about the services they provide.  She detailed to me how they pluck the ears on doodles, among other things.  I blogged about that here.

I talked to my cousin about grooming when we got Remy and she warned me that groomers tend to just want to shave everything because it is easiest so I have resisted professional grooming thus far.  I am willing to spend the time to groom my dog well.  However, after camping I knew it would be helpful to have his body shaved.

I showed up early with Remy and specifically consulted with the woman who would be grooming him.  I explained in detail what I wanted and didn’t want.  I had just seen a doodle groomed in such a way that I felt like I could still keep some of his hair while getting rid of the biggest problem areas.

The list of DOs:
*Shave his body – done
*Clean and Pluck his ears – Not done at all
*Trim his beard as short as possible – His entire face was shaved much shorter than I liked but his beard was scissor cut and much longer than the rest of his face.  It was as if what I wanted was done in reverse.
*Trim his face, specifically around his eyes – done
*Trim his feet, nails and between his pads – done
*Shave his belly – done

The list of DON’Ts::
* Don’t cut the hair on the top of his head.  It wasn’t matted and I like it long. They cut it to about 1 inch.
* Don’t touch his tail.  It’s easy for me to groom his tail and I like it fluffy.  They shaved all but the tip of his tail and it looked absurd.
* ONLY cut his legs a little bit.  I like trunk-like poodle legs and I had mostly scissored them that way but they needed a little fine tuning.  His legs were scissored down to nearly the length the rest of his body and they were not at all trunk-like as I requested.
*NOT to  cut anything off of the exterior of his ears. Remy’s ears were cut short (almost squared) along the bottom.

So, 4 hours later when I went to pick up my pup and he came to me bald and hideous I really lost my testimony.  I was furious and they knew it.   Everyone knew it.

There was absolutely no responsibility taken for the fact that they butchered my dog and the fact that they ignored everything I said to the groomer.  They just kept saying he was matted and they needed to shave him because it was better for him.  BUT, I specifically gave instructions that were disregarded. At no time did the groomer call me and say she felt like x, y or z would be best and could she do it?  Further, I explained to her that I could handle any mats on his legs and tail, of which there were not many.  They assumed I would believe my dog was matted head to toe but I knew better.  I knew the condition of Remy’s hair because I evaluated him prior to making the appointment and I groom him regularly and I knew how and where his fur was matted.

I was livid because they were lazy and ignored my directions.  No woman would ever tolerate going in for a bob and coming out with a buzz.  It would never, ever ever be acceptable and this wasn’t either.  I ranted and raved  and I went home and called my husband.

Ultimately, I got 100% of my money back and they got an apology for my inappropriate behavior but that wasn’t satisfactory for either of us, I suspect.  Remy was embarrassed because  he went and hid as soon as he got home and Emma growled at him when she saw him later on.  He was funky for the rest of the day.

I found out that evening that the groomer didn’t  even touch his ears and they desperately needed a plucking.  Steve and I did it ourselves.  The groomer did every single thing I told her not to do and not what I asked them to do.  I was so upset and it took all summer for his hair to start looking normal again.

My cousin was right, groomers just want to shave everything and I’m not paying someone to ignore me.

I have since found a fabulous way to manage those mats (blog post about this coming soon) and I’m hopeful we won’t ever have to go through that again.  If I do bring Remy in for grooming – somewhere besides The Posh Pet Salon – I’ll be giving written instructions to the groomer.

In the meantime, I am very interested in taking grooming lessons.  I plan to be a lifelong goldendoodle owner so I’m pretty sure they would be a worthwhile investment.

Though I have written a scathing review of my experience with Remy at The Posh Pet Salon, I had a pretty good experience there when I had taken Emma in for a bath in the past.  They are generally a well regarded salon in our area and overall they have a great reputation.  Ultimately they failed to even deliver on what they call a “Full Grooming” as stated here.  Their Full Grooming includes:  Haircut, Bath and Blowdry, Ears Cleaned and Plucked, and Nails Trimmed.  They didn’t touch Remy’s ears even though that was fully expected and clearly relayed to the woman who groomed Remy.