Remy and Emma like to wrestle and it is seriously one of the cutest things to see them play so wild.  Emma is doing so well nearly 14 months after we brought her home.  She still gets anxious around strangers and other dogs but it is better and we are so thankful she has such a good friend in Remy.  They really love each other.

Emma is at a significant size disadvantage when they wrestle but we still haven’t seen one of them take the place of the Alpha Dog yet.  They each win some and lose some.  When they wrestle they like to chew on each other.  If Emma is lucky she gets a hold of Remy’s ear and chews on it for a while.  As a result Remy has started getting little mats in his ears for the first time ever.

He doesn’t seem to mind me combing mats out of his hair, except his thin belly skin, but I wouldn’t be inclined to try to comb them out of his ears because I’m sure that would hurt.  I was intrigued last week when I stopped into The Chow Hound to pick up a new comb for Remy.  The comb I had previously used worked great but it hurt my hand all the time.

Previous comb (smaller one pictured) – Top Paw $10

New Comb – what a difference a handle makes!  – Safari Comb $7.50 here"".

While looking for a new comb with a handle I came across a kind of funny looking comb and it piqued my curiosity.  I asked the sales associate and she said she didn’t know much about that comb specifically but she did say they sold a lot of them.  The comb is the Safari Dematting Comb"" and I was intrigued.  She said I could return it if I wasn’t happy with it and all Safari products were 25% off so I brought it home.  That night when I gave Remy a bath I started grooming him and came across a good size mat on his ear.  I’m pretty careful with his ears so this was a good place to try the effectiveness of this new comb.

Basically you work the teeth into the bottom of the mat and it slides right through the mat breaking it up.  A few passes through the mat and the big mat is many little mats and they comb right out with a fine tooth comb.  This entire mat would have been out of Remy’s ear, painlessly, in about 30 seconds had I not cut my finger.  I don’t know what I was thinking other than I instinctively went to comb away the clumps of hair on the top of the comb and the razor edges got my thumb.  I really loved the way this combed right through every mat I came across.  The only issue I have with the comb is it would be nice if it had a self-cleaning guard of some sort because when it gets clogged up it is a hassle to brush it out from the back side, in my opinion.  There are a few pieces of fur still left hanging on those blades that I just didn’t feel like messing with.

These are the remnants of the mat above after just a few swipes with the de-matting comb and the fine tooth comb.  See my band aid. 😦

Those teeth are razor-sharp but it does come with a snap on vinyl cover to help protect the blades.  I’m keeping it up high and in the original packaging just to be extra careful.

I love this comb and with a retail price of $12.29 it was totally worth it.  Amazon sells it for $9.99 here"".

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