I like cute clothes and I like to be warm and cozy in the blustery cold weather during our Michigan fall/winter seasons.  I’m pretty sure my dogs feel the chill too and I want to keep them comfortable.  Emma has a short coat and Remy has a lot of hair but it’s mostly fluff – he doesn’t have the benefit of an undercoat to keep him warm.  I’ve been looking for sweaters and jackets for my pups.  I’ve also got my eye out for a good pair of shoes as well.  I know shoes sound kind of silly but many people put ice on their sidewalks that is harmful to dogs.  I’ll blog more about that topic in November because there are pet friendly ways to treat the ice on sidewalks and it’s just a good way to be neighborly.

This week I was looking for a good dog sweater and I came across one I’d really like to buy but it is pricey and I can’t just splurge on a couple of those without a little planning.  While hunting around for the perfect sweater I found a cute dog hoodie for a fantastic price at Lands End.

The Lands End Pet Hoodie is on sale for $11.99 and is available in a wide variety of sizes.  You can order one here.  To sweeten the deal, Lands End is offering 30% off ALL regularly priced items plus FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more through midnight 10/24.  I love Lands End!

Promotion Code: EXTRA30
PIN: 7632

I’m looking forward to trying out Emma and Remy’s new hoodies this week.  I’ll be sure to blog about how they work out.  In reading through the online reviews I think these will work out great.  Some reviewers make the point that the hoodies would be easier to get on and off if they had velcro closure as opposed to being an over-the-head style.  I’m hopeful that won’t be an issue with my dogs and that the belly coverage will be a benefit.

*** This is not a sponsored post and none of my links are affiliate links.  Lands End and West Paw Design don’t know me or my sweet pups.