Can I just say how much I LOVE Lands End?  I mean, they are simply the best and they even rock it in doggie department.  Last week I posted the Deal of the Day and I’m so glad I made this purchase.

I ordered Emma and Remy the Pet Hoodie Jackets on Friday and we received our package on Wednesday – hooray for their awesome free shipping deals.  I promptly put Emma and Remy in their new hoodie jackets.  I was a little concerned that they might not take to the over-the-head style but they didn’t mind a bit!  The jackets are loose-fitting with the perfect amount of stretch for putting them without it being restrictive to my pups.  I LOVE these hoodies.  I was talking them up to my mom yesterday and she right away ordered one for her dog as well.

Emma and Remy wore them all afternoon and then I had to leave for a few hours for a meeting and to take the boys to Awana.  I forgot to take the sweaters off of them and I realized it when I was too late to turn around and run home.  I had a sick feeling about them chewing on them while I was away.  I was so relieved when we got home hours later to find that both Emma and Remy were happy and hadn’t done any damage to their new jackets.

Seriously folks, a quality dog sweater for $12 is a steal!  I know they’re going to do a great job keeping my pups warm this fall and winter.

* This is not a sponsored post.